Origo Project

This project involves the contribution, participation and experiences from Örebro, Vilnius and Bratislava and will take place over a period of twelve months.

Soundwalk II

ÖrebroPosted by Anders Flodin Wed, June 12, 2013 19:44:53
Yesterday evening we had dinner with a lot of food and drink and we all came to bed very late, so today we are tired. Together with our friends from the Czech Republic we also went out late in the night and made a soundwalk into the forest and the marshland of Rynningeviken to listen and record the birds. A lot of fun, but probably not the best preparation for a soundwalk in the city center the day after!

So, today Seth-Reino and I went to Södra kyrkogården and found the tomb of the composer Valborg Aulin. We made a recording at her tomb and then we continued are walk to the small fountain at Näbbtorget, it is strange but we have never observed this fountain before! Then we crossed the street and came to the castle and made a recording with some workers who were digging in light sand.

Seth-Reino with sunglasses