Origo Project

This project involves the contribution, participation and experiences from Örebro, Vilnius and Bratislava and will take place over a period of twelve months.

Soundwalk I

ÖrebroPosted by Anders Flodin Sat, April 20, 2013 18:16:10
The first day of spring and good conditions for the first sound walk with Origo Project. This is the time of the year when the beginning of primordial sounds arises from nature and of people as well! New noises rise up around me when I start at Naturens hus and follow the river Svartån and continue my walk with a few stops before I end up at Örebro centralstation. The temptation to have a beer after my walk is immediate but I have to wait...
You can listen to the recordings on https://soundcloud.com/anders-flodin-1

The backpack with the computer, microphone and other equipment