FMT On Tour

FMT On Tour

FMT On Tour 2014

Between 21 June - 12 July the Musicspectra T Society and Dunja Percussion Duo will be on tour in Europe. Follow the journey through Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Day 12

DiaryPosted by Anders Flodin Sun, July 06, 2014 18:32:21

Thursday 3 July

The rain has finally stopped and what sounds like the rain is a swiftly flowing creek below the cottage. Slowly shrouds of clouds lift and disperse and instead the splendour of the Tatra mountains appear, with snow on the higher summits. The highest peak is this part of the world is close to 2700 metres. The one you can see from the verandah, Krivan, is the fourth highest in Slovakia.

Let’s see, what was this day of music workshops supposed to be about. It was a group of musicians and educators from the far north, plus Beata Greggersen from Bratislava, were to conduct workshops about music with Roma children from the Roma part of Pribylina village. Anders suggested that everybody probably had to be prepared to improvise. It took about half an hour of introduction and efforts before the show had completely been taken over by the Roma children. The Kulturny Dom, the Cultural Centre – a grey, inconspicuous concrete building behind the little shop in Pribylina – turned into a Emir Kusturica film set. The music educators from a land called Sweden were redundant and the children took over. First the percussion workshop broke all records when it came to number of children and simultaneous activity on each instrument – such as half a dozen playing fiercely on the marimba. Then the local technician had some recorded music and it all turned into a giant karaoke, dancing and acting session. A couple of girls did the singing, young boys did percussion and everybody was dancing madly. A young boy, maybe 7 or 8 years old, dressed in blue and wearing a traditional male hat, suddenly became the focal point with his confident dancing. In the evening, sitting on the couch in the cottage where we’re staying, summarised the day as a ”pedagogisk buklandning” – whatever that can be translated as. Pedagogical belly landing? Hmm….

Emelie and Robert conducted percussion exercises, Anders tried various voice exercises to make different vocal sounds and Simon did sounds with natural materials.

Kulturny Domo was a 1950’s type of building, grey concrete, big stage with wooden floor. In all it was lots of noise, lots of music, the highest possible level of participation by everyone and it sure turned out to something else than planned. It was all very unforgettable in many ways and brought endless smiles and laughter.

They had organised catering for lunch, which was very good. Potato and cabbage stew, a big beef rissole and a slice of bread.

The rest of the day was for recovering, relaxation, sharing impressions and thoughts and some evening cooking. The magnificent Tatra mountains showed its best as a backdrop. Thanks everyone for a most wonderful day.